Story Behind the Song - Clean

This was an unusable song for me. Not in the content, but in the process.

I write most of my songs in fits and starts over a period of weeks, sometimes months and occasionally years. I usually get a big chunk of the song in one burst of inspiration and then the crafting of the rest of the song is work. I just keep playing with it, trying different images and melodies and rhyme patterns until I get more of it.

I write primarily from the guitar working from chords, so I can easily move the melody around until I get it just right. I play with the key, the structure, the rhythm endlessly, but none of this was the case with Clean.

It was October 13, 2011. I know this because it was the day I was celebrating Twenty-Five years of continuous sobriety. I sat down at the piano and from simple chords the melody and lyric in it's entirety came through me in one piece, minus the six lines from the bridge. That came a few weeks later.

I love all of my songs, they are like children in that they come through me and then go on to have a life of their own in the world. This was an easy birth! I hope you find it meaningful.


A special thank you to my producer Rick Barretta for capturing the essence of this song in this recording. A special thank you to Derek Jones for the beautiful guitar work! For more about this song and others  Click Here