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Are you Saying Yes, When you Mean No?

By Elizabeth Edwards | November 21, 2023

Elizabeth discusses the second of the five patterns of Codependency – Compliance.Sharing from her “lived experience” as a person in long term recovery from addiction, she takes a deep dive in to this common set of coping mechanisms. The Five patterns of codependency: DenialComplianceAvoidance Control Low Self EsteemHere is the YouTube playlist link for this…

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Recovery, Resilience and Hope

By Elizabeth Edwards | October 13, 2023

Jim Doyle, author and organizational leadership coach was changed by tragedy through the loss of one of his sons to substance use disorder. Elizabeth interviews Jim and discusses his book, Hope for Life, Being your Best Self When You Need it Most.” They discuss the importance of resilience and hope in recovery and the importance…

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Sometime we just need a little reminder. 100 Reasons to be Grateful can be printed out and kept in your journal or in a visible place . An "Attitude of Gratitude" creates a powerful mindset and a fulfilling life.

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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Edwards is a singer songwriter, recording artist and a person in long-term recovery from Substance Use Disorder.

She is a speaker and advocate for recovery causes and currently serves on the National Board of Directors for Faces & Voices of Recovery.