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Lynda Hacker Araoz Interview

Lynda Hacker Araoz spent years trying to help her son recover from a heroin addiction. She has lived the majority of her life in upstate New York and Buenos Aires, Argentina where she has worked as a counselor, adolescent therapist, school administrator and teacher. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from SUNY-Albany and…

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Kristina Wandzilak Interview

Kristina Wandzilak, CAS, CIP, founder and president of Full Circle Intervention and Full Circle sober living communities, has been a leader in the addictions industry since 1995. Kristina is highly respected and renowned for her compassionate and effective intervention and treatment work. She is credited with helping thousands of addicts and their families through her…

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When I was new to the 12 step rooms, trying to get sober and stay that way, it was suggested that I start praying and meditating. This seemed ridiculous to me because I figured if there was a God, he wasn’t too happy with me. I had grown up with a lot of religion but…

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Defying Denial

“Don’t Even Know I Am Lying” is my favorite acronym for Denial. The disease of addiction often takes years to progress and while it is progressing many, in fact most addicts maintain jobs, professions, families, friendships and social responsibilities. We, to varying degrees, hide the problem not only from our family, friends and employers but…

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