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When I was new to the 12 step rooms, trying to get sober and stay that way, it was suggested that I start praying and meditating. This seemed ridiculous to me because I figured if there was a God, he wasn’t too happy with me. I had grown up with a lot of religion but…

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Defying Denial

“Don’t Even Know I Am Lying” is my favorite acronym for Denial. The disease of addiction often takes years to progress and while it is progressing many, in fact most addicts maintain jobs, professions, families, friendships and social responsibilities. We, to varying degrees, hide the problem not only from our family, friends and employers but…

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The Blame Game

When I point my finger in blame, I have three fingers pointing back at me. Playing the “Blame Game” verses taking personal responsibility. This is a question we often don’t even know we are asking much less answering. How we answer this question on all things big and small will determine the quality of our…

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Don’t Kill The Messenger

Feelings are not good or bad they are like the clouds in the sky. They come and they go. Some days you get puffy white cotton ball clouds with clear blue sky and other days you get a dark and scary storm. Either way, it will pass. This was the analogy a very good therapist…

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