Evolve & Develop Your Intuition

In this episode of Giving Voice to Recovery Elizabeth interviews Jenn Beninger, the CEO and founder of Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute. Jenn has refined the art of coaching others on how to delve into what’s holding them back and live in their purpose by calling on their intuition.

Jenn explains that the best way to get long lasting and permanent results in any area of life is to cultivate an unshakable trust in yourself by evolving your intuition! 

She shares her personal recovery story and how these tools helped her move forward in her own life! Listen to find out why and how this unique method will help you take inspired action with confidence!

If you like what you hear, be sure to Join the next 5 Day Class, Keys to Unlocking Intuition by clicking on the link below:


About the author, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Edwards is a singer songwriter, recording artist and a person in long-term recovery from addiction.
She is a speaker and advocate for recovery causes and currently serves on the National Advisory Council for Faces & Voices of Recovery.

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